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Building on a site is the most expensive part of any property development project. It requires the most capital and attracts the highest risk, so getting it right with the best market intelligence up front is crucial for any successful project.

There is so much to consider – understanding the right product type to meet buyer demand, appropriate price points for the area, building and development costs, planning and council restrictions, cost effective home design, design guidelines and project finance - not to mention capital gains tax and GST!

Sometimes it makes sense to build to maximise the full potential of a block and sometimes it doesn’t. This is where Unlock Your Block can help in two unique ways, which we will cover later in this section.

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In this short 2 minute video Unlock Your Block Director, Fab Marion, explains how we can help you with your property development project as we take a look at some of the different options available to you.

We can help you with:


Where it makes sense to build on your land to unlock better returns, it’s important that you get the product and the timing right with the very best advice and research for your area and your demographic


Firstly, we’ll research the appropriate product type to match the market and make sure we brief our designers to produce the right home designs tailored for each project

From there, we manage the whole tender process to find the best quality builder in its category, at the most cost- effective price to make sure the project is delivered on budget and on time

Once the right builder is appointed, we coordinate the contract documentation and building approvals on your behalf and help out with any construction issues along the way. 

We can even assist with the strata titles at the end and help with the sales and marketing of the project either during or after completion of the project

We can help you with:

No Build Property Development

This is where you can effectively develop your land by creating the subdivision without actually completing the building, by having all the pieces in place to achieve the same or better result than building out the project


By creating “home and land” packages for each newly created lot, you can now sell your project “off the plan” and find buyers for the packages so you only need to outlay the cost of the subdivision and not the building costs

Unlock Your Block can take care of the entire process from subdivision approval to design, planning approval, sales and marketing of the packages and show you how to profit from property development without the banks


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