Whether you already have land to subdivide or are still looking for land, Unlock Your Block will assist you in understanding everything you need to know about subdividing land in Perth.

From working out how many new lots can be created, to how much it costs and what you will get for the blocks once they are sold, Unlock Your Block will advise you all the way. And as part of our service we also take care of all of the physical work on site as well as all of the paperwork and approvals that go with it!

We also ensure you understand what the potential demand for your subdivided land is before you get started by helping you find a buyer for your new lot before you start any work on site or forking out any money. This takes out almost all of the risk and makes for a far better outcome and stress free result.

And if you don’t have the upfront costs to complete the project, Unlock Your Block offer a unique funding option whereby we take care of the subdivision and project management costs on your behalf, and you repay us at the end of the project once the new lot has been sold and settled.

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In this short 2 minute video Unlock Your Block Director, Fab Marion, explains how we can help you subdivide your land and unlock the equity in your backyard!


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